What makes NeNe Chicken Special and Unique ?

Our Secret batter mix coated on fresh local chicken
Variety of flavours directly imported from NeNe Korea HQ
Secret recipe keeps chicken crispy outside and juicy inside

Why Franchise NeNe Chicken?


Already proved in other countries and successfully growing outside Korea

since 1999


Simple and powerful Recipe easily available provided by NeNe Canada and Korea 


No need to cook the sauces and etc.  We are here to provide them – Ready to cook! 

First movers’ Advantage

There are only a couple famous Korean chicken brand imported to Canada
1st branch of NeNe already proved high growth rate and brand name reputation built up.  
Great locations are still vacant to open as new locations!  Lots of opportunities!

If you are ready to be one of our families, please fill out the application

and we will contact you shortly.